James & Jenny is a digital industralization company that originated from the R&D team at Dropsolid. It offers a digital experience platform aimed at making digital experience management easy. James, our Drupal PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) enables organisations with plenty of websites (or the potential) to quickly deploy and manage sites. Jenny is a dedicated multisite solution that facilitates  centralisation of deployment, maintenance, hosting and support. Using Jenny, enterprises with different entities, brands and/or subsites can significantly increase ROI and invest in projects that help their business forward.


We believe that organisations who are increasingly focusing on digital experience management through industrialisation, will be able to focus more on expanding the customer side of the digital experience. This is a step up from current digital experiences, which are oriented too much on the technical side of things – i.e. websites.

Plenty of organisations are moving towards an increased digital presence by setting up multiple channels. We will facilitate this and make it easier for these companies to do so. This way, they will be able to connect faster and more streamlined with their end customers. Using  these tools, their time to market will decrease and business strategy can be translated efficiently into digital experiences.


Thanks to digital industrialisation, our clients will finally be able to build fully functional experiences – all whilst saving costs and mitigating operational risks. This risk mitigation facilitates focusing on customer intimacy, which will ultimately result in higher business conversion.

Businesses will be able to generate true customer value and live up to their value propositions by delivering a personalised approach on top of their products.